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Welcome to the world of Lingel Windows and Doors technology. Lingel festival was established in 1959 in El Wigan a small town in Germany Lingel is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end quality doors and windows made up of uPVC which is unpasteurized polyvinyl chloride uPVC are rigid PVC is specially formulated plastic which has been made resistant against the harmful UV rays of the Sun.

This keeps the product a new condition even after many years of usage BBC has the lowest you value and hence poplar in Windows and those manufacturing Lingel found this characteristics of you PVC and decided it is the best replacement for any other material which is eco-friendly lingual windows and doors are fitted with galvanized steel reinforcement.

It makes the window very stable and prevents any bending of the you PVC the heavy duty multi chamber system offers everything for high quality windows and doors it’s time for us to see the variety of products that Lingel has to offer Lingel offers a variety of windows and doors. Introduced uniformity right across your place with flawless Windows Explorer endless design possibilities invest in a set expansion allotted and ready to operate ergonomics improve your environment and enhance the facade in one stroke wrinkled windows and those technologies set your home for better life.

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