The sliding & swing uPVC Patio door system, the main difference between this system and many of its contemporaries is that there is no connecting hardware between the panel’s you don’t see any but hinges you don’t see any deeper handles no shoot boat handles the doors look more like windows than a patio door system the only visible hardware you see on this system is on your master door, your master door can be hinged on the right hand side the left hand side or both, if you wish to configure it that way the master door is your traffic door your everyday door and it has a hold open facility to prevent it from moving around in the wind, these panels then incorporate a patented technology called Magna lean there’s a magnet attached to one side of the door and captive and say the head this door then slides to the side it connects to a magnet and the head above the master door and be depressing the latch allows.

The door to pivot to the open possession that motion of sliding and then pivoting means that there store never encroaches in your patio space or your living space until it reaches the rested facility here unlike a bi-fold where you would have to keep this area clear you would also have to keep this area clear to operate the doors efficiently with a door you could have a couch or a table right next to the doors and similarly on your patio and it will never encroach in the opening and closing cycle.

Each door slave to the side hooks together and then we pivot to the open possession. It’s not often in this country that we get the opportunity to do this and completely open our doors up and there’s a common misconception that by folding doors are opened and closed every day. It doesn’t tend to be that way they probably do that handful of times every year what we do require and country though is ventilation and this is the only fully opening system that will allow you to leave the panels anywhere.

In the opening that you choose, this is actually one of the most popular settings for our door system. The safe ventilated possession you get to choose, where the panels are the door doesn’t have to be completely open. It doesn’t have to be completely closed can be as open or closed as you wish we take that stage further let’s imagine that you were utilizing that space here you’re maybe having a cup of coffee a cup of tea or sharing a glass of wine with friends and maybe the weather changes the wind picks up or it’s getting late in the evening and cooling down or the kids are moving in and out of this area that’s the door system allows you to move entire sections like a partition wall to get covering the area of the room that you happen to be sat or to change.

The area that you move any nodes of your property you can even create the opening and the centre or on the far right it’s that utilization of space that means that this is a 52 week a year uPVC Patio Door as opposed to the four weeks that you might get with its contemporaries the uPVC or Aluminium version of the door is available in over huge range of rail colours. They’re also available in a combination of uPVC, Aluminium and Real Wood Finishes on the internal side. The signature door can go up to ten feet tall on the panels the PVC door is available in panels just under three feet and eight feet high the doors are extremely secure the master door has two hook latch and dead bolt locking a standard each panel locks and engages enter the panel next to that as a meal section an aluminium section that runs the entire length of each panel and it fully engages into the section of the corresponding panel. Next to couple with the fact that the doors are bolted into the head and it means that the doors have very little deflection.

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