REHAU being the inventor of uPVC profiles since 1958. We bring advanced products in our daily life. Let’s understand first what uPVC is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride to this, we add certain additives such as modifiers stabilizers colour pigments to make the profile withstand harsh climatic conditions temperature variations throughout the year next let’s understand.

What features we should look in while choosing a right window design sound insulation thermal insulation security finish ease of movement and maintenance. We have offers a wide variety of opening styles such as sliding doors and windows, opening windows and two special window designs such as Tilt & Turn, Tilt & Slide, Fold and Slide apart from this we have also offers special window movements such as vertical sliding window movements lift and slide, lower shutters technology and slide and swing, those systems more than just a window and a door profile supplier we also offer special window accessories such as silk boards reveal profiles external sink boats cladding profiles and the architraves we have offers complete solutions as well as the right tools and product to offer a solution which exceeds the customer expectations thank you.

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