World Environment Day

World Environment Day: It’s ‘Time for Nature’, A call for urgent action to protect Biodiversity

For many of us this is the most unusual  of world environment days we are isolated and alone much of what we take for granted our health or even a walk breath of fresh air feels in jeopardy through Corbett 19 the planet has delivered its strongest warning yet that we must change our ways  human activity has altered virtually every part of the land as we displace the natural world.

We’re destroying vital  ecosystems and the biodiversity that  thrives on them every year on June 5th  the world marks Environment Day this  year the team calls to celebrate  biodiversity but what is biodiversity, biodiversity is a variety of life or not  that highlights the health of our planet a higher biodiversity levels of human resilience competition and various other facets that, we don’t even know about via  diverse ecosystems also provide various  sources on which the vibrations of  people, especially those who live on the  fringes of these ecosystems like forests lost man and you see  but right now biodiversity is facing a  great danger according to a UN report,  1 million animal and plant species are likely to disappear soon and by the end of 20%, we can lose about 50% of total species  according to experts,  it takes millions of years for ecosystem to recover from  any mass extinction wouldn’t warty  person of amphibian species almost 33%  of reforming corals and more than one-third of all marine mammals are threatened, around 10% of insect species  are also threatened, since the 16th century at least 680 vertebrate species had been driven to  extinction and more than 9% of all  temesta kated breeds of mammals used for  food and agriculture had been extinct by  2016.

With at least 1,000 more breeds  still at risk the exact tigers in India, the keystone species despite major  efforts across the country since 1972 and numbers are still far from Mexico  75% of four cubs have become extinct  since 1900 lastly because of an over  reliance on a few high-yield varieties  this like abideth diversity our crops  threatens food security because  varieties may be vulnerable to disease  and best anti change similar trends have  occurred in livestock  meat producing greater cattle and  poultry a favourite of mine degrees  the impact of human activities due to  changes in the user plan had been more  rapid in the past 50 years than ever  this is deteriorating ecosystems leading  to a lack of sustainability and economic  uncertainty  some simple things we can do but landing  more trees by conserving water that we use ah using less and less bust if we  don’t do this they does a test that we  might be documenting story of our own extinction its biodiversity loss it’s  not checked apart it so let’s preserve protect and strengthen  biodiversity for our existence and not  let our nature  break down it’s time to listen to the planet’s warnings,  this is why this World  Environment Day we are asking you to act  to protect nature actions for nature  means a lower risk of future pandemics  achieving the Sustainable Development  Goal slowing climate change healthier  lives better economies being able to  cherish that breath of fresh air or walk  in the woods protecting life itself in a  post kovat world we need to build back  better we need to protect the planet to  protect ourselves  this means ensuring a healthy natural  world.

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